Make 2019 More Focused!

Monthly Free Small Business Tools & Training Webinar 

If We Want to Grow our Business, We Need to Dream Bigger and Set Better Goals, Learn How To Map Your Buyer's Journey, and Sharpen your Digital Marketing Saw! 

Join me each month for an ongoing series of very powerful live Small Business Training Topics Including: Goal Setting, Workflow, Buyer's Journey and Digital Marketing . Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever!

Join Maria Bereket, Small Business Advocate, Trainer, and Marketing Strategist in her annual Year-End Small Business Goal Setting Training. It is FREE and Space is Limited This training is so important that if you can't make it - we will send you the recording! 

Every Month

2nd Thursday at 1:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM PST<a href="" target="_top" data-entity-id="" data-link-type="external"> </a>


This Webinar Starts In


This Free Monthly Webinar Series Will Show You:

Digital Marketing Webinar

Digital Marketing

Critical topics on Digital Marketing, the Changing Workplace, and Employee Engagement

Buyer's Journey Webinar

Buyer's Journey

Changing Marketing focus each week as it relates to your overall goals and the journey that buyers take to find you, trust you, purchase from you, and then share your story with others.

1-Page Business Plan webinar

Goals + 1-Page Business Plan

You will learn how to create a simple one-page business plan that any business can use to reach greater success

Small Business Weekly Webinar Series

The digital world we live in has disrupted all of us.

Goals, Digital Tools, and Digital Marketing are critical to the process of growing a strong business today. MAKE 2019 YOUR BEST YEAR YET


Did you know that your brain is compelled to solve every single problem you think? Which sounds good until it wakes you up at 3 am and asks you how to make payroll next week.

Any "to-do" is a problem that your brain has to solve. So cluttering up your head with all that information is keeping you from doing what you do best.

Learn the 5 steps to organizing your day-to-day work along side your One-Page Business Plan and Goals.

Organize your work, your employees work, and in the process become a better business for your customers.