monthly digital marketing training for schools

Finally, the Training and Support you need to Grow Enrollments!

Digital Marketing & Social Media Team Training is a comprehensive and efficient social media training system for small and medium school programs that are looking to embrace the 21st Century Parent Enrollment Process.

This is a successful monthly training system for your entire school team includes a step-by-step process for mapping the parent experience, understanding the 21st Century parent, social media content strategy, workflow ideas for creating posts and blogs, email, content marketing and branding, and the creation of your own Digital Marketing Playbook--just for your school.

Taught by Maria Bereket, a Digital Marketing Expert who can teach you and your entire team to grow enrollments by doing what they love!

Are you ready for your team to be engaged and part of our company growth? Then enroll now!

Social Media & Digital Marketing Team Training May Be The Answer to MORE Enrollments!

Parent Enrollment Journey Map

How do Parents Find You? They see Facebook posts from friends, read blogs and articles, and then ask Google for "the best program near me."

  • You can leverage your staff expertise and begin to immediately create relevant content that will get found by parents and families.
  • This proven SYSTEM takes your entire team step-by-step through the necessary process of enrollment success.
  • Everyone will understand the foundation of growing a school program with the 21st century parent.
  • Your Training Agenda is totally focused on your classroom schedules with actionable plans that show immediate success! (and everything is recorded!)

Drive Enrollment & Engagement by Empowering your Employees to Amplify and Advocate for Your Program on Social Media!

There is a huge difference between just offering your employees Social Media Training and actually having a Step-By-Step Social Media System that will educate and embed a sucessful digital marketing culture inside your business. The best content comes from within your business! 

Meet Your Trainers 

  • Maria Bereket, speaker, trainer, and consultant who has specialized in Social Media & Digital Marketing Training for 10+ years
  • 20+ years in marketing - creating a voice for small business
  • Innovator and passionate Early Childhood advocate can be heard on LA Talk Radio, writing on social media in Industry Magazines, and LinkedIn
  • Content writer who can teach you how to build your personal brand and thought leadership for greater community advocacy. 

Meet Your Trainers 

  • Gina Tzizik, Head of School, M.Ed
  • 20+ years teaching, directing program, training schools and teachers.
  • Her program is a model for collaboration and innovation and she knows how to take what is learned in the classroom and turn it into relevant and engaging content and materials.
  • She is a master as documenting learning and creating creative opportunities for your school.


Parent Enrollment Journey

1. Understanding the Digital Economy and Your 21st Century Parent Experience

This is the foundation of success. How digital technology has changed the business and work environment is critical to understand why your enrollment process has changed. It is a TEAM SPORT. Everyone must contribute to the process with their own insights and expertise.  

The Parent Enrollment Journey is Mapped out so that you can see what information must be shared, where it should be shared, and who can help to create it.

2. Set-Up Team Structure and Talent 

If every school program organized it social media strategy around the classroom work then the information your school must share "digitally" would be automatically created for exactly the families your program is suited for—that is inbound marketing at its best. Your teachers and staff have all the "content" required to make your marketing strategy work. You just need the structure, need to know who can do what, and how to organize the process.  

3. Who is the 21st Century Parent?

Everybody with a child is accessible, but you must pick your unique target audience so that you can offer them advantages and solutions that your competitors cannot.

We will explore today's parents, their needs, concerns, background, and all the places they go to get answers and information.

Buyer Personas Worksheets

4. Understand Your "Buyers" Experience Map

Parents, like all of us today, want value for their investments. Upon enrollment, their child becomes the user of your program and the parents? Well every month they are evaluating their decisions and trying to determine if your program is something worthy of praise and promotion to family, friends, and just about everyone they know via social networks.

Parent's as Promoters of your program are critical in 21st Century Marketing. Map it out and grow your program.

5. Branding: Be Clear On Your Mission

This is the foundation of your entire business program. It must align with every experience, every piece of content, and every interaction families have with you. 

  • Mission
  • Values
  • Website & Social Sites
  • And more

6. Design Matters

We think with our eyes first! So your Branding and Design go hand-in-hand everywhere you are and along with every piece of content that you share.

  • Key design principles
  • Personal company style sheet
  • Formatting for Print & Social
  • Website Structure & Navigation
  • Profile headers

7. Your Digital Footprint

First we review where you are today and then we determine where you need to be in order to be found by your potential customers. 

  • Google, Bing, Safari, +
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more
  • Website

8. Content: The Classroom Has Solutions

Content Strategy is at the heart of all Social Media Marketing. The goal is for your company to offers the solution to customer problems.  

If a blog post is greater than 1,500 words, on average it receives 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook likes than a post that is under 1,500 words. (QuickSprout)

  • Secial Module on Classroom Documentation
  • Learn what content your customers need
  • Content is what powers Social Media

9. Your Digital Marketing Playbook

Every school program needs one to operate in a digital world. It is your training manual and guide for the 21st Century.

  • All the training and materials and included
  • Your program marketing outline and guide
  • A critical tool in the digital world--and it is printed!
Digital Marketing Playbook

What Else Comes with the Social Media Team Training ?

Weekly Marketing Mastery Coaching Calls 

This is where the magic happens. Each week we will meet for one hour and discuss your progress and answer your social media marketing questions. Every call is recorded so that you can share with your team and have a resource guide as staff change or refreshers are needed. (You could pay hundreds or even thousands for this type of training anywhere else. But it's all included with your monthly Social Media Team Training.)

BONUS: 1. Understanding Admin Panel

This video recording is for your resource library and will show you how to set up all your business pages and then understand how the administration functions work. Facebook Analytics is included to cover the key metrics that will be used throughout the training. [Sites will be updated as needed]

BONUS: 2. Content Calendar Overview & Set Up

Having an annual content roadmap is a lifesaver. Here is one full year of Content ideas broken down by week, then for 12 full months.

Bonus: 3. Sample Social Media/Internet Policy for Staff & Parents

Social Media Policies are designed to protect your company from employees or contractors who misuse social media, email or Internet. But did you know that having a simple DO and DO NOT Policy can also help to engage employees and staff to participate in the marketing? 

Here is one of the best templates around and it will keep you in control.  

Bonus: 4. Documenting Learning 

Even the busiest of child education programs can find time to document the learning process of the day. Taking pictures, storing them and then putting those experiences into something that can engage your families (and children) is a social media gift. 

This is an overview and cheat sheet for what any school program could do to share the learning of their children.  

Plus, you will get an annual review of your posting and social media program to keep you on track 

FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions About Team Training

What is the difference between Social Media-Digital Marketing Team Training and Social Media Management?

Team Training is a month to month training system that does what the most successful social media marketing do: Teach your team to create and manage your social media marketing. Customers want solutions to their problems and concerns and they know that the real answers to their questions come from the people who work within in the company. Your team has the answers they just need the tools and structure to make your company a marketing success. We want to teach you how to fish!

After providing social media management services for small and medium size businesses and schools, we discovered that when we left--so did all the activity. But what we did find was that programs that included a team training system--we ended up surpassing our goals by 25-50%! And the growth continued long after we were gone. The main difference is that we are focused on teaching and educating everyone

We don’t just want to give you the “fish” you need to grow this month or the next. Our mission is to teach your team not just how to fish, but why their contributions to your business are essential for the whole program! 

What do I need to start using the Team Training Program?

The only thing you need to start is time set aside each week to start your training. Depending on the goals and plans you have—we will handle the process that you need to achieve social media success. Some businesses start with setting up and others need content and strategy direction. We start by assessing your needs first then establishing your strategy TO-DO Plan.

Where is the training done?

We currently do our training through, an online webinar and meeting program that hosts our live trainings and meetings. Each meeting and training will be recorded and sent out to you for anyone unable to attend and for your reference library. A meeting reminder will be send out in advance of every single training, a specific and a downloadable workbook will be our guide each week.

Tell me more about Team Training. What can I expect each month?

Once you make the decision to start monthly social media training you have access to our recorded library, reference sheets, and question booklets. You will register for your weekly training time slot and all team members will register on to join each week.

Here’s how it works … 

First, we will email you several questionnaires to get us started learning about your business and team members. 

With this information we will meet with the management team to determine our goals and expected outcomes from the training program. Then we will start our weekly online training sessions and begin to go through our Social Media Strategy To-Do List, which will outline each area that will be reviewed over the next three or six months [depending on the program you choose]. 

What kind of results can I expect?

Most of our clients find that there is an immediate jump in their enrollments and community engagement once they get everything up and running as a branded unit. Just having everything set up properly, optimized, and focused on customer relevant content will give current customers a nice incentive to reach out to you. Setting our initial goals includes training goals, set up goals, social media activity metrics, and of course our overall goal is to have for you a marketing system in place to get you the inbound customer leads necessary for you to grow sales and your business. 

Why is there a three-month and six-month minimum?

We have been doing this a long time and know that no matter what business you are in, there needs to be time to get things set-up, branded, and focused on the content being created. This takes time, but more important, it requires an understanding of the purpose and vision of your expertise as it relates to social media marketing. 

Having time to learn, plan, and create over the course of these first three months will, not only, ensure your success, but we have found that this monthly format will accelerate its growth. And some programs already have in place what they need--so three months may be good enough to start, but its best to talk with us to decide which is better for you. We don’t just want you and your team to learn the how to’s, but we also want you all to understand the key components of the why! 

How soon will I see social media growth?

The timeframe and amount of growth that you will see is directly related to your business and it’s market. Small businesses in a very niche market will see smaller growth numbers than a large business with a wider market.

Do I have to give you my login information?

We do require login information for LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. For Facebook, you can also make us an admin of your page, which will allow us to post on behalf of you. All of these features will be reviewed by us in the first sessions of training and are recorded for your resource and review.

Do you respond to comments and questions on our social media pages?

We begin by responding to comments on your social media pages and review with your team the process and appropriate responses to keep your business reputation in the very best light. 

When you sign up, we will ask for and review a list of common questions and general facts about your company so that we can respond to most questions on your social media pages. Training your team to handle these comments is one of key goals in training but will be handled by us until everyone feels comfortable with the process and response.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

Depending on what you decide to do for training we have several options for upgrading and downgrading. If you are monthly team training client and feel that your team is not ready or does not have sufficient time and you want us to take over the Social Media Management we will calculate your time and credits and get you started in one of our monthly Social Media Management programs.

What options do I have after we feel our Team is training but want some continued guidance?

We have and additional Team Training option following your first three-month training. If you feel that your team needs to have monthly reviews we offer a monthly review and follow-up booster training that meets one time per month and includes a review of all social media accounts and a Q&A session. This option is offered at $225 per month and is a month-to-month program requiring a 30-day notice for cancellation at any time.

Can I cancel at any time?

For your Monthly Social Media Team Training Program we have a 3-month minimum to get started and should you decide that your team is all set, you may cancel your training program with a 30 days notice. Once an account is cancelled, we will immediately stop any posting and active review of your social media sites but will review your account at 30-90-120 days and email you the results.

I'm really interested. But first, tell me more about how my staff/team will learn and integrate all of this into their normal workday.

Every social media team has various jobs that are outlined in a strategy. For some companies, there are individual people who handle each individual role, but for smaller businesses it is just not possible to have multiple people. This is where the content strategy comes into play—whether you have one employee, or a whole department of people, identifying who can collect information, who can organize the information, and then who can post it is all part of the overall understanding of how digital social media works to attract customers today. 

Most small businesses start with one or two people doing the initial training and work, but having the total team vision allows a company to grow into new roles that will grow their ability to attract more customers over time. 

As a school program we have classroom ratios to consider. How can we get everyone trained and also find the time needed to do the actual social media posting?

School programs have some of the best content options available everyday in the classroom. Our focus is on connecting the dots between the learning taking place in the classroom and the documentation possibilities that can be threaded into a strong and successful social media marketing strategy. Our goals will be focused on increasing enrollments, engaging parents, and your program thought leadership. Special emphasis will be placed on staff ratios and scheduling.

The trainings are recorded so that staff members who cannot attend will have time to learn how marketing works for your program and what role their particular expertise will play in the marketing success. Many businesses are challenged with creatively writing out their specific job roles—but for teachers almost every moment in the classroom is filled with rich and relevant content materials that easily put into posts. The team structure and social media foundation understanding are key!

What is the main difference between your social media-digital marketing training program and others I have seen online?

Many training programs offer much of the same information we will be reviewing. The main difference is that we are focused on teaching and educating everyone on the culture and purpose of how social media marketing works. This is important as our workplace and economy become more and more digital in their information processes.  

People change over time, adapting to new marketing norms, and if everyone in the business understands how their individual job function can help to make the company grow financially and in their community thought leadership, then the specific social media roles become a part of their every day routine and focus. This not only helps their program grow, but it also helps the individual grow their own digital skills and personal thought leadership brand.

I'm in! When do I get the materials to get my team started?

Fantastic! You will get access to the program as soon as you sign up. Materials will be available to download and a personal email will go out to you to get the details we need to get your individual team started.

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